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This is a picture of me. This is a picture of my dad.

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This is Hannas website. I like pie. This is my mom's website.

This is my dad's website. This is my aunts website.

Hi I'm Hanna. I am 10 and in fith grade, I have a wonderful famliy and lots of friends. I love my mom, dad, sister and my baby brother. My mom makes the best jokes, my dad loves to go hiking, I like playing hide-and-go-seek with my sister and playing with my brother. I love to play sports and I play second base. And one thing is for sure:I LIKE PIE! I go to boeckman creek primary school. I hope you like my website as much as I do! I am really happy that my brother started walking,because it's one step closer to runing and playing with us!

These are my favorite videos.