Hi I am Hanna. I am ten years old.

Hi I am Hanna. I am ten years old. I have a brother and sister and a mom,dad and a fish named Mr Bubbles. Me and my dad go out on long hiking trips and awesome camping aventures! Me and my mom love to go on picnics in memorial park. My sister and I we like to play hide-and -seek and play tag in the house. As for my brother well he is starting to walk, but mostley we love wresling together.

Here are some of my favorite things:

hanna hanna hanna


  1. I was born in Calgary, Alberta.
  2. I am part Canadian and American
  3. I dont like bacon
  4. I hate kissing
  5. I don't live in a van down by the river
  6. I have a "nice" mode and a "anger" mode
  7. I am the "Human calculator"

This is my science fair work.